About the

Jazz is about limitless opportunities, freedom, exploration and taking the music to new places.

In 2022, the Winter Jazz Fest returns to Sydney with three unique events, that showcases the breadth of what Jazz is today. 

You can expect intimate solo performances, musical conversations, to textural and colourful meditations through sound, and of course energetic and exhilarating virtuosity.

This is a kaleidoscopic program to excite and inspire.


Contemporary Underground

The Intimacy of Jazz

At Sydney Opera House


Join us in the acoustic splendour of the Utzon Room and enjoy three impassioned musicians, who’ll use the beauty of simplicity to explore the intimacy of jazz.

Freedom Jazzdance

The Energy of Jazz

At Mary’s Underground


Exemplifying the exhilarating energy of jazz, SIMA presents two dynamic ensembles rich with passion, groove, spontaneity, and imagination.

Freedom Jazzdance

The Colours of Jazz

At Sydney Opera House

July 23

Journey through the vibrant colours of jazz with us, from textural sonic exploration, high energy grooves and exhilarating spontaneous dialogue, through to evocative meditations on melody & rhythm.

Festival team

Amy Curl & Margot Natoli – Festival Directors
Zoe Hauptmann – Artistic Director
Chris Ruhle – Publicist
Reuben White – Marketing Manager
Monica Higgins – Festival branding and web design