JUNE 21 – AUG 16

The Freedom

Playing on the freedom of spontaneous improvisation and expression, this series celebrates the delicate dance of engagement that underpins this exciting art form.

Guest curator, Stu Hunter

Sydney’s brilliant and devoted improvisors are showcased over five exhilarating nights at Foundry 616 as artist and audience join together and dare to let go of what they think they know, to meet solely in that place of listening and response. The performance, made in that very moment, can elicit a certain dangerous beauty in the music produced.

Our special guest curator on this series, Stu Hunter, is best known for his 4 acclaimed suites. However, free improvisation has long been an integral part of Stu’s musical process, informing his composition and interactive playing. Since the 1990’s, he was a member of seminal improv groups such as Ear-rational music (with Eddie Bronson, Oren Ambarchi, Robbie Avenaim and Max Lyandvert), noise metal band Dead Spot (with Carl Dewhurst, Robbie Avenaim and Oren Ambarchi) and was an integral member of the first Australian presentations of John Zorn’s Improv-game piece, Cobra – amongst many other ensembles.

What’s on

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